The Basic Information About A MIG Welder

One of the most common welders is a MIG welder. The Mig Welder uses Gas Metal Arc Welding which works by a wire which is fed to a welding gun. The wire is the electrode. At this instant shielding gas is flowed through which protects the weld as it is setting and cooling down. This gives the Mig Welder reviews.

For this type of welding carbon dioxide is most commonly used, one because it is the most cheapest and two, because it makes great weld. Argon is also used because it makes a great mixture with carbon dioxide. This creates less "spatter" which in turn makes the weld more cleaner.

Over other processes of welding the GMAW method has many advantages such as the welding gun itself which has a control on the trigger which will position the electrode without accidentally hitting one of the arcs. Once you have positioned the gun in the right place all that left to do is put your helmet on and to pull the trigger.

To ensure the welds smooth and clean use the inert shielding gases, and there is normally no slag to chip off. Thinner metals and weld sheet metal suit MIG welders best, because they can be welded at a much lower amp than other welders. MIG welders strike the welding arc using DC current. Alternating current usually does not give you steady arc when welding.

The tensioner on the wire is variable and you can also control the flow of the gas with a valve. Also adjusting the voltage of the MIG welder as well as the power as the wire feeds through is very useful for creating clean welds.

It is even possible to use MIG welder without shield gas. This is named as flux cored arc welding, as it requires a flux cored welding wire. This wire is hollow in the middle, and filled with flux. Most welding guns have an option of switching the polarity of the welding arc, which is used with flux core wires.

MIG welders can also be used to weld a variety of metals. There are dozens of compositions of welding wires when choosing from, for all types of situations. For a beginner, the MIG welder is the ideal choice, as it can weld many types of metal, is versatile and easy to use.

You can use Mig welder without shielding gas, and this is called flux cored arc welding, flux cored arc welding. There is an alternative of switching the polarity of the arc for the flux cored wire. The process requires that the wire has the hollow core filled with flux for better effectiveness.